Is it hard to setup & use your own #IndieWeb site?

Depends on the path chosen, and why.

1 turnkey: get a https://micro.blog/ - easier than #Mastodon, works with
2 #webdev: install a https://indieweb.org/CMS - needs tech knowhow
3 builder: assemble https://indieweb.org/building_blocks as desired, experiment, iterate, and explore how deep the rabbit hole goes

All paths share perhaps the hardest part:

Picking a domain name. Next, tips for choosing one.

This is day 3 of #100DaysOfIndieWeb #100Days

← Day 2: https://tantek.com/2023/002/t6/key-owning-notes-domain-name
→ Day 4: https://tantek.com/2023/004/t1/choosing-domain-name-indieweb

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