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@jlgatewood@mastodon.cloud my notepad++ equivalent is BBEdit http://www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/index.html (@bbedit@mastodon.social), which as they say “doesn’t suck”, on the contrary, it’s been a fast, solid, & reliable text editor for decades. It’s even faster & more dependable than Apple’s built-in “Notes” app which has become quirkier and *worse* in recent OS updates (e.g. weirdly linking #hashtags when I wish it would leave them alone, without a preference for turning that off).

However yes, when I post a new #100DaysofIndieWeb post, I’m “copypasta”-ing as you say the new permalink into the previous day’s post, and vice versa, using BBEdit of course.

on (ttk.me t5Nk5) using BBEdit