W3C Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee (TPAC) Meetings 2023

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This year’s W3C TPAC (Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee) meetings felt denser in many ways, packed tighter with more topics, and more active participants. There were so many specific things in specific meetings, new connections, victories, new challenges, that in addition to capturing summary notes, I'm considering writing blog posts about each meeting or session.

Nearly all of them have public minutes that document both participants, and a good portion of what was discussed. I have my own notes, and combined with recollected details of what was minuted, I have my own observations to share. I encourage everyone who participated at TPAC (whether in-person or remote) to consider either writing a summary blog post about the experience, perhaps highlighting a few things that stood out, or if there were specific technical discussions that advanced something in a positive direction, or challenges blocking progress, those are worth their own blog posts as well.

TPAC week 2023 took place from Monday through Friday , in Sevilla, Spain.

Here is a summary outline of meetings, sessions, and discussions I participated in. Not listed: conversations at breakfasts, morning & afternoon breaks, lunches, dinners, and of course hallways. Unlinked for now, each of these has a calendar event with description, minutes, almost all of which are public.

Those are the sessions & discussions that I found in my notes. I also met a lot of new people during meetings, meals, and discussions at breaks. As I write up my notes on specific sessions and their minutes (and hyperlink the above list items), I expect to recall more context and details. If you were at TPAC in Seville, I encourage you to write-up your experiences as well, while the thoughts, feelings, and insights are fresh in your mind. By documenting & publishing our collective experiences (using the #w3cTPAC hashtag) we can build upon them together.