coding at #IndieWebCamp Nuremberg, completed the following projects:

0.0: fixed the https://chat.indieweb.org/ footer to drop #Matrix as an access option since their bridge is disabled (#IndieWeb IRC, Discord, and Slack still work great), and provided an explicit link/encouragement for filing issues

0.5: investigated IndieWeb wiki issues (mobile presentation), possible fixes, and documented them: https://indieweb.org/MediaWiki_customizations#Issues

0.7: added HTML <search> element support to my home page and permalinks as nerdsniped by @adactio.com (@adactio@mastodon.social @adactio); expanded to <search role=search> to also support folks using older browsers / screenreaders that only support #ARIA 1.1.

0.8: replaced my incorrect use of HTML attribute aria-hidden="true" (on my links to #BridgyFed) as pointed out by @jkphl.is (@jkphl@mastodon.social @jkphl) and @sonja-weckenmann.de (@sweckenmann@mas.to), with hidden="from-humans". Since other values are allowed on the hidden attribute and treated as hidden="hidden", the "from-humans" value communicates a subtle semantic that the element is intended for consumption by robots & crawlers, like #Bridgy.
0.8.1 Update: created a pull-request (https://github.com/snarfed/bridgy-fed/pull/701) to update the BridgyFed documentation markup examples to use the 'hidden' attribute accordingly as well. Update 2: it's been merged! e.g. https://fed.brid.gy/docs#how-post

Time is up for today’s IndieWebCamp Create Day so my remaining projects will have to wait.

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