Writing about writing: capture first, edit & publish later.

Braindump timely thoughts & experiences into as many draft notes as it takes, while ideas & memories are fresh.

Collecting higher fidelity memories seems more important than editing past writings or finishing/polishing a post for publishing, which can be done at a later time.

Sometimes the passage of time helps provide insights and broader understandings that can help with writing more effective posts, from better summaries to narratives that help sense-making.

Bits of even this minor post sat for weeks, and only today did I add a summary and related thoughts.

Similarly, it makes sense to edit and publish small notes on a subject, without feeling compelled to turn them into a larger blog post, or a longer list of points.

This is a key advantage to publishing on your own #indieweb site, you decide on the granularity of your posts, small, medium or large, instead of being constrained, burdened, or pressured by any particular #socialMedia user interface, character count limitation, or audience expectation.

Like Twitter before it, even the default #Mastodon user interface has limitations, and the #fediverse itself as a whole has audience/cultural expectations (certainly quite a few articles have been written about that).

On your own site you decide if you want to publish a post to make one point, or mention a related point or two, or collect things into a list or longer article, or eventually all of the above.

On your own site you feel more free to prioritize and share what is on your mind, instead of feeling compelled to first respond to whatever topics are trending, or to whatever you happen to read in your algorithmic feed.


This is day 47 of #100DaysOfIndieWeb. #100Days

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* “More Thoughtful Reading & Writing on the Web” (https://tantek.com/2023/277/b1/thoughtful-reading-writing-web)

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