31 days of #IndieWeb gifts: the _2023 IndieWeb Gift Calendar_ (https://indieweb.org/2023-12-indieweb-gift-calendar) wrapped up a full month of IndieWeb-related creations & updates from the community (and sometimes beyond) to everyone who wants to improve their #IndieWeb experience.

From plugins & libraries, to tools & services, to events & meetups, to web components & wiki pages, and blog posts & newsletters, there was something for everyone.

Some numbers:
🎁 71 total gifts
πŸ“„ 32 new IndieWeb wiki pages
πŸ“œ  8 posts on improving blogs, IndieWeb specs, and event summaries
πŸ’»  7 Online meetups: IndieWeb CreateFest & 6 Homebrew Website Clubs
🧩  6 plugin updates: #Elgg IndieWeb & 5 #WordPress plugins updates
πŸ“«  5 This Week In The IndieWeb newsletters
🧱  4 library updates: new web components, #microformats2 parser update
πŸŒ‰  3 Bridgy Fed updates & improvements
πŸŽͺ  2 days of #IndieWebCamp San Diego
πŸ“š  1 indiebookclub new year in review overview feature
πŸ“½  1 IndieWeb movie viewings aggregator
⌨️  1 personal predictive text engine
🧢  1 #Threads federating out #ActivityPub (followable by #BridgyFed)

Gift were shared by:
πŸ‘₯ 21 individuals
🏒  1 company

I compiled these numbers by hand. Let me know if you see any errors. There are many more potential stats like:
* average (mean and median) number of gifts per contributor
* how many edits to the Gift Calendar wiki page
* how many different editors of the wiki page
* average (mean and median) number of edits per editor
I’ll leave those as exercises for others if they wish!

This is post 2 of #100PostsOfIndieWeb. #100Posts

← https://tantek.com/2024/001/t1/restarting-100days-indieweb-gift-calendar
β†’ https://tantek.com/2024/022/t1/indiewebcamp-brighton-planned

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