New this week: the #IndieWeb community deployed a major modern update to the design, usability, and cross-device support of the https://indieweb.org/ home page and wiki in general! In brief:

* Updated MediaWiki install, updated themes, better mobile device support
* New default theme: Vector (2022), the same as English Wikipedia
* Lots of CSS fixes for content, sidebars, etc.
* Home page content simplification and more pleasing design update

Lots more details on the 2024 homepage and design update project page:
* https://indieweb.org/2024/homepage

This was a community effort, with many people pitching in with major & minor contributions, spending weeks, days, hours, or a few minutes here and there helping out.  From server work, to PHP coding, to HTML+CSS (re)coding, to testing variants of MediaWiki themes, browsers, and devices.

Huge thanks in particular to @PaulRobertLloyd.com (@paulrobertlloyd@mastodon.social) for both driving this design update (e.g. said project page) and doing the heavy lifting of debugging, patching, and testing the latest MediaWiki Vector theme, documenting before & after screenshots, and @AaronParecki.com (@aaronpk@aaronparecki.com @aaronpk) for all the server-side software updates, PHP/IndieAuth wrangling, and critical devops too.

Go try the new https://indieweb.org/ on any browser, on any device, and share your experience!


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