https://microformats.org/wiki/rel-me. Want to learn more about rel=me distributed identity verification with zero cryptohashfoo blockchaining? Drop by https://chat.indieweb.org/dev. #HTML FTW!

“as everyone is trying out fediverse, today is a good reminder that threads support rel=me link verification -- another open web standard we adopted last year. this is useful right now because you can't see fediverse replies to your posts on threads yet. so if you use a mastodon alt account to reply to your threads posts, setting this up proves you are the owner of the mastodon and threads account. see post below on how to set this up: https://www.threads.net/@0xjessel/post/Cvu7-42PVpC:
 “to set your own up:
  1. add your mastodon profile to your threads link in bio.
  2. add your threads profile to your mastodon profile
  3. save your profile and it should show as verified now”

Previously: https://tantek.com/2023/234/t1/threads-supports-indieweb-rel-me

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