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@thisismissem@hachyderm.io re: “issue might be with what you're federating out maybe”, possibly except that regardless of what I’m federating out, the point in my reply to @flaki@flaki.social is that #Mastodon is still getting it half-right, which is a bug in Mastodon regardless of what I’m federating out.

Either Mastodon should be treating my hashtags precisely as hashtags, (re)linking them to the local tagSpace *and* ignoring them for link previews, or it should be treating them “purely” as links, and not changing their default/published hyperlink and considering them for a link-preview.

Re: “help to have the activities json representation” — my understanding is that should be automatically discoverable from my post permalink, so all that should be needed for a bug report is my post permalink. Perhaps @snarfed.org can clarify since I’m using https://fed.brid.gy/ to provide that representation.

Either way, is there a validator for the “activities json representation” that we can use to test a particular post permalink, have it auto-discover an activities json representation, and report back what it finds and the validity thereof?

For example, since my posts use the h-entry standard, I am able to validate my post permalinks using the IndieWebifyMe h-entry validator:


Which finds and validates that I have marked up my hashtags/categories correctly.

Re: “@flaki@flaki.social's Mention there got federated as a Link instead of as a Mention (since replying to this post didn't automatically include flaki's handle)” — this too sounds like a (different) Mastodon bug, since I believe @flaki@flaki.social was notified of my reply and mention of their handle. Perhaps Mastodon is getting it half-right: notifying but not canoeing¹?

Did you receive a notification in your Mastodon instance/client of this reply and its mention of your @thisismissem@hachyderm.io? Or only one but not the other?

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¹ https://indieweb.org/canoe

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