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@zeldman I find value searching/finding past "tweets" which I get with self-hosting but not Twitter. It also subverts spammers like sin3rss (who I've reported to Twitter BTW). When spammers mindlessly copy my content/feeds, they only make my site stronger - call it "internet aikido" if you prefer. Where you see "farts" among the signal, I like (re)finding the signal among the "farts". Especially being able to find that signal over months and years, not days. Also, I'm able to summarize in ~110 characters and then expound in a "long tweet" (like this one) on my own site, without having to "craft" a blog post, or a series of sequential tweets (which I find more noisy than any permashortlinks). Flexible tweeting from your own site is the future.
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P.S. @phillydesign - Library of Congress *is* cataloging all tweets. And yes, assume the NSA is recording/indexing all your phone calls. Storage/processing power to do so today is trivial for them. [in-reply-to: twitter.com/phillydesign/status/24215588112961536]

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