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@zeldman you are right that @Falcon (runs tantek.com) needs reply buttons. And fave, RT, etc. They're coming. Currently tantek.com permalinks *do* have some UX advantages over Twitter: navigation and embedding. You can click (or arrow-key) left/right through previous/next posts (Twitter permalink pages are navigational dead-ends, nevermind the fragility of #NewTwitter links themselves which are non-crawlable (non-functional without javascript) if you fail to remove the extra "#!/" from them), and if you want to reference a specific tweet, there's convenient short/long (depending on taste) URLs in textboxes for copy/pasting. If all you're looking for is "more content" or embedded pictures, video etc., then only click when there's an ellipsis (...) at the end of the tweet. It's a subtle bit of microsyntax that balances re-use of an existing convention (rather than new-punctuation-pollution), is subtle enough to not be disturbing, and yet is noticeable once you learn it. [in-reply-to: twitter.com/zeldman/status/24224682530050048 twitter.com/zeldman/status/24224559787941888] #ownyourdata

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