Dublin Core Application Profiles — A Brief Dialogue

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IndieWebCamp Cambridge 2015 is over. Having finished their ice cream and sorbet while sitting on a couch at Toscanini’s watching it snow, the topics of sameAs, reuse, and general semantics leads to a mention of Dublin Core Application Profiles.

  1. A:
    Dublin Core Application Profiles could be useful for a conceptual basis for metadata interoperation.
  2. T:
    (Yahoos for dublin core application profiles, clicks first result)
  3. T:
    Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines (SUPERSEDED, SEE Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles)
  4. T:
    Kind of like how The Judean People’s Front was superseded by The People’s Front of Judea?
  5. A:
    (nervous laugh)
  6. T:
    Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles
  7. T:
    Replaces: http://dublincore.org/documents/2008/11/03/profile-guidelines/
  8. T:
    Hmm. (clicks back)
  9. T:
    Dublin Core Application Profile Guidelines
  10. T:
    Is Replaced By: Not applicable, wait, isn’t that supposed to be an inverse relationship?
  11. A:
    I’m used to this shit.
  12. T:
    (nods, clicks forward, starts scrolling, reading)
  13. T:
    We decide that the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) meet our needs. - I’m not sure the rest of the world would agree.
  14. A:
    No surprises there.
  15. T:
    The person has a name, but we want to record the forename and family name separately rather than as a single string. DCMI Metadata Terms has no such properties, so we will take the properties foaf:firstName and foaf:family_name
  16. T:
    Wait what? Not "given-name" and "family-name"? Nor "first-name" and "last-name" but "firstName" and "family_name"?!?
  17. A:
    Clearly it wasn’t proofread.
  18. T:
    But it’s in the following table too. foaf:firstName / foaf:family_name
  19. A:
    At least it’s internally consistent.
  20. A:
    Oh, this is really depressing.
  21. A:
    Did they even read the FOAF spec or did they just hear a rumour?
  22. T:
    (opens text editor, starts typing up a blog post)