5y+1d ago was the 1st Federated Social Web Summit #FSWS2010, a key inspiration for @IndieWebCamp. @evanpro organized it with @rejon and brought together so many creatives working on such different approaches.

a jpg.
Photo cropped by @aaronpk (https://flic.kr/p/8m27Wz), original photo by @walkah (https://flic.kr/p/8mXLDQ)

Everyone gave a short presentation in the morning about what they were there for, working on, solving, etc.

Mine, titled “Itches & Scratches”, is archived in outline form here:
* http://indiewebcamp.com/2010-199-tantek-fsws-talk

Digging through the #FSWS2010 hashtag search on Twitter:

I found a few things I was quoted for, like this early "indie web" reference:


 @walkah: "indie web first, oligarchies second" /via @tantekcom #fsws2010
I think that was the first time I openly expressed preferring to focus on the independent web, or "indie web" in contrast to what was already becoming an oligarchy of large corporate social(media) web sites.

In the afternoon we proposed and split up into BarCamp-style participant driven break-out sessions:

a jpg. Photo by @aaronpk (aaron.pk/1Jo)

Afterwards we reconvened to summarize the conclusions and challenges from the break-out sessions. From that same search above:

 @torgo: @t at #fsws2010 : "we need a 'social web acid test'" (http://twtr.io/QG5zMQ)
Which then after some back and forth resulted in the SWAT0 (Social Web Acid Test v0) challenge: tantek.com/2010/199/t3/fsws-social-web-acid-test-swat-v0

I myself didn’t use the #FSWS2010 hashtag, preferring at the time to use the shorter #FSWS hashtag, figuring the year was implied in the context, thus requiring a separate date-constrained search:


And more photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/fsws2010/interesting/

We’ve made amazing progress in the IndieWeb community in the five years since, including last weekend’s first time ever three interopeerable implementations finally passing SWAT0: http://tantek.com/2015/193/t1/congratulations-first-indieweb-swat0

Passing SWAT0 is just the tip of the iceberg of what the IndieWeb community has accomplished, and is imminently shipping in multiple implementations, across numerous personal sites.

The fun has just begun.

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