New deck PR: 18:45 with @zcorpan @jihyerish
Cut 1:28s!

♥ pushup
♣ crunch
♦ leglift
♠ squat
+ Joker= 1 min plank

Previously, previously:
* ~21 min tantek.com/2016/031/t1/deck-down-under-done
* 20:29 tantek.com/2016/020/t2/deck-slower
* 20:13 tantek.com/2015/341/t1/deck-pushup-crunch-leglift-squat-joker-plank

I think I had extra frustration and impatience (tantek.com/t4fU1) to work out this morning.

Perhaps it also had to do with seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night at the Sydney Darling Harbour IMAX (imax.com.au) - The “World’s Biggest IMAX”. In 2D, how it was meant to be seen.

After the deck this morning, @zcorpan wanted to do a minute of burpees, so we did that too. 15.

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