New deck PR: 17:43 with @mviski @sakluger @Nov_Project_SF
Cut 1:02s from two weeks ago!
Usual 2-10,J-A=11-14:
♥ pushup
♣ crunch
♦ leglift
♠ squat
+ Joker= 1 min plank

Strangely, I felt like I was pushing, but not pushing as hard as last time. Had no idea I was ahead on time until I could see only a few cards remaining and the timer was still at 16 minutes plus change.

This morning’s predawn weather was pretty ideal, and working out with  @Nov_Project friends is always a positive motivator.

Still, feeling stronger.

* 18:45 tantek.com/2016/033/t1/new-deck-pr

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