a jpg. #DWebSummit Great #IndieWeb lightning talk by @schnarfed!

I took some notes:

We started with the simplest tool we could get to work: the domain name.

With individual websites we worked on how can we help people own their own data, then we moved onto social media.

For example we post events (indiewebcamp.com/event) on our own websites.

I happen to be running this on WordPress, but you can run anything you want on your site.

@KevinMarks comes along, and posts an RSVP (indiewebcamp.com/RSVP) on his own website. He happens to be running Known (withknown.com).

The important part is that he is saying he is going to this event, and links to the event web page.

We use small building blocks (indiewebcamp.com/building-blocks).

The key parts here are the "p-rsvp" property with a value of "yes" I am going to this event and the "in-reply-to" property on a link to the event.

Then he needs to notify me. He uses key IndieWeb building block called Webmention (webmention.net) which uses a POST with parameters: "source" is the RSVP URL, "target" is the event URL.

My site receives that, goes and gets the source, verifies the RSVP.

So he RSVPd to the event, between two websites peer-to-peer, no intermediary.

There's also a copy of the event on Facebook. We feel strongly about meeting people where they already are, and right now largely that's in the silos.

On the event on my site, you can see people have retweeted it, and commented on Google+.

[Shows grid of building blocks]

a jpg.
We use a set of simple building blocks for all this. [Paraphrased from memory.]

Some stats:
* ~100 million sites live with @microformats
* ~100,000+ webmentions sent / received
* ~10,000s IndieWeb sites
[from memory]

If you have a personal website you likely already have microformats and don't know it.

Everyone here, keep tackling the huge problems, we're right there with you.

At the same time, try thinking small, try thinking incremental, and meet people where they are.


Q: Are microformats are something you guys designed and invented? or found? What are your thoughts on JSON vs HTML?

A: microformats existed before IndieWebCamp. We chose HTML because it is there. There are milliions billions of websites, and with microformats. We want to meet people where they are.

Q: Could you explain relationship between IndieWebCamp technologies and the @W3C Social Web Working Group?

A: We are fortunate that key @IndieWebCamp players are in the @SocialWebWG. These core building blocks are open standards. Webmention, Micropub are working their way through these standards bodies. [and are W3C Recommendation track documents!]

More links, video, etc. on the IndieWebCamp wiki:
* https://indiewebcamp.com/events/2016-06-09-dwebsummit-indieweb

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