At #IndieWebCamp NYC2 I wrote an Instagram Single Photo Bookmarklet to more easily post from IG to my site: https://indieweb.org/Instagram#Single_Photo_Bookmarklet

If you use Instagram as a convenient way to post photos from your mobile device (e.g. I use my iPod touch) to the web, but want to re-use those elsewhere (like on your own site), you may find this bookmarklet useful.

In one step it will copy minimal URLs for the image .jpg, the permalink of the Instagram post, and the photo caption, replacing any series of IG-style ".(linebreak)" characters with a single linebreak.

It’s already simplified my own photo posting user-flow, making it faster by cutting out nearly a half-dozen previously separate steps. This increased speed (less time) to post a photo post makes feel more empowered to post more photos on my own site.

I added it to the IndieWeb wiki as an easy way to quickly opensource it with a CC0 license, much easier than going through all the ceremony (AKA overhead) of creating a git repo on Github, creating a new file, saving, committing, pushing, pulling, etc. etc. (the very thought makes me wonder why so many developers are so enamored of so much extra work / steps just to accomplish a simple publishing/sharing task. It’s almost as if they have a greater desire for the comfort of ceremonial steps instead of saving the time and getting more done — likely worth a separate blog post).

I got it working (on Firefox & Safari) half-way through IndieWebCamp NYC2 day 2 "hack day", and posted it on the wiki.

Within moments of doing so, @aaronpk tested it on Chrome and saw that it worked!

Soon after that, Chris Aldrich blogged it as well and provided a drag-and-droppable version in his blog post:


Since then I made one minor bug fix this morning (found while selfdogfooding it and using it to publish photos to my site), and one minor UI update to the prompt text. I updated the wiki accordingly.

In addition I'll share it here on my own site:

javascript:n=document.images.length-1;s=document.images[n].src;s=s.split('?');s=s[0];u=document.location.toString().substring(0,39);prompt('Choose "Copy ⌘C" to copy photo post:',s+' '+u+'\n'+document.images[n].alt.toString().replace(RegExp(/\.\n(\.\n)+/),'\n'))

There’s certainly more I can do to improve my photo posting user flow, and my personal site publishing user flow in general, but this was a nice step forward that I’m already personally benefitting from, and if you use Instagram to post photos, but want to also post them to your own site, you may find this bookmarklet useful too.

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