34:30 NPSF PR Wednesday this morning, 3:30 slower than June.
ran there & back for ~7mi total today.

Travel exhaustion has caught up to me. By the second lap (of four) I already felt drained, and was considering stopping after that. Pushed on to do a third lap, figuring I’d stop after the third set of 10 burpees. But @mattschaar had other ideas, and pushed me to run the final lap, running with and encouraging me the whole way (I did run it faster than the previous lap).

My only thought when finishing was, at least I finished.

This was a rough one. My slowest in nearly 18 months. I thought I was all better from some chest congestion a week ago (bad enough I had to skip November Project Boston despite being in town), but apparently my lungs still have some healing to do. I was both exhausted and out-of-breath more than I can remember.

After grabbing breakfast at Jane on Fillmore with a few other @Nov_Project_SF runners, I decided to try running at least partway home, especially since Matt was also running back along Fillmore.

At some point the frustration with today’s non-PR time kicked in and turned into a stubborn determination to run all the way home. I kept thinking, I’ve signed up for a marathon, I need to get into the attitude of continuing to push myself at whatever sustainable pace I’ve got left, even when tired, even if I think I’m having an off day.

Knees were totally fine.

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