a jpg. Saturday morning at SFRC I ran up to this 1033' peak on Coyote Ridge, to Tennessee Beach, and back. ~10.2 miles, ~1233' climb. I could see SF and Sutro tower, tiny in the distance. #latergram #nofilter

The SFRC route for that day was ~13 miles, more than I was ready for. Another group went for the 7.25 mile Tennessee Valley trail run to the beach and back.

I felt stronger than last week, yet still fell behind. I was alone when I reached the Fox Trail fork and decided to choose my own path (having run it once before with @micheleperras). This time I kept running uphill to the next apparent peak, behind which there was one more which is when I reached this peak.

After taking photos I ran back down to Tennessee Beach, then back to SFRC in Mill Valley. 2:10:48 round trip. My farthest trail run in 18+ months and it felt good.

#saturday #sfrc #trail #run #coyoteridge #peak #solorun

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