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I tried searching for "Coyote Ridge" "Horizontal Control Mark"


and found just one result, on geocaching.com
* Update 10:10, now three results, including a book, and my Twitter profile.
* Update 10:50, more results, top result is now this post.


Kind of surprising for what looks like a physical permalink.

Searching for "National Geodetic Survey" I did find http://www.ngs.noaa.gov which has a giant blue and red text-as-an-image link “Looking for Bench Marks?” which sounded close as anything else on their home page to “Horizontal Control Mark”. That link goes to:

http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/datasheets/ (Survey Marks and Datasheets)

Which has a “Search By” section with a “Station Name(s)” option which sounded promising.


An ancient Perl CGI "web app" reminiscent of the 1990s web (when was the last time you saw a "Reset" button on a web form? Amazing.)

I tried searching for Coyote Ridge and got a beautifully developerific error:

 Go back and try again.

In a PRE with FONT SIZE +3 no less.

Went back, chose California from the select list, and clicked Submit.

Got a result in another SELECT list (no change in URL, classi CGI perl), selected it, and clicked Get Datasheet.

That provided me with “The NGS Data Sheet” which I am unable to link to because it is still at the same ds_desig.prl URL as above.

However here’s some info copy / pasted from that sheet:

 HT3417  PID         -  HT3417
 HT3417  COUNTRY     -  US
 HT3417  USGS QUAD   -  POINT BONITA (1993)
 HT3417                         *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL
 HT3417  ______________________________________________________________________
 HT3417* NAD 83(1992) POSITION- 37 51 59.28592(N) 122 33 08.78413(W)   ADJUSTED  
 HT3417* NAD 83(1992) EPOCH   -  1991.35
 HT3417* NAVD 88 ORTHO HEIGHT -   314.8   (meters)     1033.    (feet) VERTCON  

Where NAVD 88 links to: http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/datums/vertical/index.shtml#NAVD88

Lots more in the data sheet, with format details explained in http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_lookup.prl?Item=DSDATA.TXT for those that may be curious.

The geocaching page has its own copy of the data sheet at https://www.geocaching.com/mark/datasheet.aspx?PID=HT3417 which had slightly different (out of date?) numbers.

Both data sheets and the geocaching page did agree about the altitude or height of the marker at 1033 feet, which is how I determined the 1033' for my previous post.

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