a jpg. 🌲🌇 I missed #NPSF this morning, caught the sunrise anyway. #latergram #nofilter

Despite doing my 6-7am(ish) W3C Advisory Board telcon from Starbucks near the Marina Safeway in the hopes of at least joining late, by the time the call & followup was over, so was the workout.

Drove to near Ghirardelli Square anyway and walked down to Aquatic Park to watch the sun rise behind the buildings. Then grabbed breakfast with a few that did workout.

Despite missing the workout, I think it’s important to practice getting up, dressed to workout, and getting yourself to or near the location. That’s the hardest part, to #justshowup, and I think it’s worth practicing even if other things keep you away from the workout itself.

Plus, catch that sunrise. Going to need all the sunrises we can get.

#sunrise #riseandshine #makeitahabit #dowhatyoucan

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