a jpg. Got up late for #NPSF, went anyway. Not a bad view for Friday flats. #latergram #nofilter.

Slept badly, didn't want to get up to the alarms. Eventually it was 6amish and I stumbled into running clothes in the dark, grabbed my prepacked work bag and got a ride to Pier 7.

Jumped in and did maybe 10 min of squats, sprints, push-ups, planks. Coffee for breakfast. Went to work. Hard boiled eggs for second breakfast. Took care of a few year end things. Cheese pizza for lunch.

Left work before sunset, got in a 20 minute run back up the Embarcadero to the Exploratorium, down to SFMOMA, then over to Westfield. That'll do for today.

One more sunrise of 2016 tomorrow, the rare 366th day of the year (with an even rarer leap second at 23:59:60Z, 15:59:60 PST).

2016 will have been our literally longest year in a while.

#wakeupthesun #fromwhereirun #novemberproject #justshowup #dawn #sunrise #pier7 #embarcadero #baybridge #thatothersfbridge #bridge #pier #boat

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