20d. #RESIST by donating TODAY*

(Checkboxes are my progress so far, posting this while I’m donating. UPDATE: All done!)

*Why you must act TODAY: it’s the last day of 2016. By donating today, you MAY*** be able to itemize your donations and deduct them from your 2016 Federal taxes.

**Disclosure: I work for Mozilla, on open web standards like @microformats @W3C @WHATWG, user web identity & data sovereignty @IndieWebCamp, and raising privacy & security concerns for technologies in general.

Reasoning (how this helps RESIST)

In general such donations help by shifting money you would be paying in Federal taxes to a hostile administration, instead*** toward nonprofits to fight harms expected from that administration.

Specifically, to support and fund:

* Science education to fight anti-sci (climate denial, antivaxers), largest macro threats to cities, the world:
 * @CalAcademy @Exploratorium

* Defenders of civil rights, in-person, body self-determination, women’s rights, digital rights, and an open, secure, & user-privacy respecting internet to fight attacks on all of them, largest threats to individuals and liberty:
 * @ACLU @PPact @EFF @Mozilla

* Archives, libraries, accessible facts to fight fake-news, historical revisionism, and other kinds of deception & propaganda, perhaps the largest source of political threats to democracies:
 * @InternetArchive @Wikipedia

* Local arts & media, diversity of thoughtful expression, to counter superficial talking tv heads / radio talkshows and their hateful monocultures:
 * e.g. in SF: @deYoungMuseum @SFMOMA

More reasoning as noted yesterday: tantek.com/2016/365/t7/harms-expected-donate-shift-fight-resist

***You "MAY" and "instead" meaning by way of an itemized deduction on your Federal taxes, per the following (talk to your accountant, get one, IANAA, etc.)
  * tantek.com/2016/365/t6/blue-state-taxpayers-more-donations-resist
  * tantek.com/2016/365/t5/calexit-start-cutting-fed-taxes-paid
  * tantek.com/2016/365/t4/if-fed-taxes-not-fund-then-minimizing

Suggest more non-profits to help defend against & fight next year’s expected harms!

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