#100DoPP d13:
34:36 #NPSF PR Wednesday, 1 second faster than January!
But at 48°F vs. 55°F last month. Improved cold resistance.

I only had to breathe through my buff for the first lap, and after that, pulled it down around my neck, took off my long sleeve sport shirt, and ran in a sport t-shirt and shorts for the last 3 laps. I can feel my cold air breathing tolerance slowly improving, being able to sustainably take deeper breaths of colder air.

The fact that I was able to run the course at essentially the same time as last month, but at 48 instead of 55°F, felt like quite an achievement.

For context, two months ago I was only able to run two laps at 45°F.

Having my headlamp also helped, as well as the earlier dawn, which lit the sky brilliant shades of pink and orange on my last lap, before the sun rose into and above our cloud clover by the time I finished. Check out others’s photos: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/npsf/

Capturing these again to remind myself next month:

On the positive side:
* remembered to bring my headlamp
* started my running watch when Zip said go
* no soreness in either knee before or after (no Advil)
* breathing was better than expected for high 40s F. (still had to power hike most of the West side hill)
* downhills felt much better, especially as it gets lighter out, but also being able to breathe fast enough to move my legs fast enough.
* got 8 hours of sleep two nights ago

I know what I need to do for next time:
* Get 8 hours of sleep the night before
And from that much faster June time:
* 1 orange Clif shot blok
* espresso en route at Starbucks
* #nopasoparungang 2+ mile warmup to Alta Plaza park (I deliberately skipped this run since I’m supposed to be tapering for Surf City on Sunday).

I need to keep going to Friday hills to work on improving my Westside hill times, and get back to Tuesday track to push my breathing vs. effort limits to keep improving my downhill times. And steps. Need more steps.

Next up: Surf City Half Marathon this Sunday!

Last month:
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