34:37 NPSF PR Wednesday yesterday morning, 0:30 faster than October, including ~30s starting new running watch.

Had stayed up late, and did not run to the park. First hill didn’t feel too bad, kept the tail of the pack in sight, and caught up on the North side downhill, passing a few people on the East side downhill, only to fall behind on stairs. Each subsequent lap felt a bit better as I warmed up, yet I slowly lost sight of those in front of me (apparently at least one friend did only two laps), except for one runner. She and I traded back and forth until she passed me on the last South side uphill and I couldn’t catch her on the steps to the finish.

It was supposed to rain but did not. Quite humid though. Temperature was about 55F, so that wasn’t a problem. However once again (like October) I only slept slept 4-5 hours the night before.

I was also only 7 seconds slower than my August PR Wednesday time of 34:30. Though still far off my 31:00 from June of last year.

On the positive side:
* no soreness in either knee before or after
* breathing seemed fine (still had to hike most of the West side hill)
* downhills felt great, despite not being able see much from the darkness and fogged up glasses (darkness and high humidity was not a combination I expected, and I forgot my headlamp).

I know what I need to do for next time:
* Get 8 hours of sleep for the two nights before
* Bring my headlamp
* Be ready with the last "click" needed to start my running watch
And from that much faster June time:
* 1 orange Clif shot blok
* espresso en route at Starbucks
* #nopasoparungang 2+ mile warmup to Alta Plaza park

And of course keep going to Friday hills and Tuesday track to push my breathing vs. effort limits in the mean time.

Next up: Hot Chocolate 15k race this Sunday!

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