@Facebook Messenger virus WARNING!
"(name), is that you?" fake @YouTube vid
uses clktr4ck .com

a jpeg.

If you clicked (or think you may have) do two things:
1. Change your password.
2. Check your Facebook App Settings ( https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications ) and revoke (X) any apps you do not recognize or do not use.

See also https://indieweb.org/FreeMyOAuth if you want to double-check what other sites you may have given apps permission to act as you, and revoke any you are not using.  Good idea to clean that up frequently.

More discussion on the Facebook copy of this post.
* https://www.facebook.com/tantek.celik/posts/10102867385982303
If you encounter this attack, take a screenshot and upload it to that thread.

Possible prior evidence of this attack vector:
* 2017-01-08 https://twitter.com/srslydenice/status/818135133253312512
Similar use of fake YouTube, but via SVG:
* 2016-11-20 https://twitter.com/dubstrike/status/800495414734684160

👤 Chris Messina(f,t)
on (ttk.me t4mg1) using BBEdit