a jpg. The inventor of the #hashtag rides MUNI like (most of) the rest of us. #yestergram #nofilter.

Or you never know when serendipity will cross your path with a fan or a friend who will recognize you and be more than willing to photograph you in public when you’re clearly deep in your device.

I spotted @chrismessina as he boarded and just quietly watched to see if he’d make eye contact or spot me. Maybe my black REBEL cap threw him off.

Then I pulled a classic “How to talk to a guy wearing AirPods*”, leaning forward and waving my hand in his downturned field of view until he cautiously glanced up, recognized me, and was surprised I was there the whole time.

Laughing and promptly putting his *pods back in their case, Chris and I caught up a bit (We’ve known each other ~12 years, co-founded BarCamp with four other friends, etc.), before he had to disembark, two stops before me.

I’ve run into friends on public transit (especially MUNI) so many times that I now try to always scan the entire train car, and stay alert when new people board, just for such improbabilities.

Public transit is a serendipity accelerant, and such serendipity is there for those that look for it.

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