#100DoPP d69 Wednesday,
36:07 #NPSF PR day, 1:31 slower than Feb.
Pushed hard, but didn’t beat myself up.
Without a buff, at 52°F, I consciously paced my breath to warm myself up. Was still tired from the start, likely from only 4hrs of sleep.

Took off my hat and long sleeve sport shirt after the first lap and ran back out in a short sleeve shirt and shorts.

Almost gave up twice, after laps 2 and 3, but after the burpees sets, I had caught enough of my breath to keep going. Plus big thanks to Katy Kunkle for joining me on my last lap and helping push to the finish.

I did feel distinctly stronger on the uphills though, and that felt good. Next, I need to return better rested.

Last month:
* tantek.com/2017/032/t1/npsf-pr-wednesday-faster-than-january

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