a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. 🌇 #sunrise vs #fog on 4 summits before 6:40, then #NPSF #hillsforbreakfast. 1552' in 4.7mi. 51d til #TSFM2017, my longest race so far @THESFMARATHON.

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1. Twin Peaks Summit
2. Twin Peaks Summit (North/Eureka Peak)
3. Twin Peaks Summit (South/Noe Peak)
4. Mount Davidson (view from vista point)
5. 📷 by https://instagram.com/lauramcgreen
6. My attempt to honor @ryanscura of dooster.tv with a dramatic backlit shot of him running counter-balanced by rainbow tinted sunbeams
7. Similar shot of friends @jerseyblauvs & instagram.com/therealboops
8. @Strava run elevation graph for the morning
9. Mount Davidson view after running @Nov_Project_SF Hills

Running uphill is still the hardest for me to run, though with sustained effort and practice I am slowly getting better at it. I climbed over 2000' just two days ago, the combined total from double-PR Wednesday^1 @Nov_Project_SF and evening run/hikes to finish out the Strava Mt. Everest Running Climbing Challenge for the month of May^2. Thanks to a restday yesterday and enough sleep last night, my legs felt fine (not sore) on the hills this morning.

I know that “proper” training for a marathon requires increasing distance, both in long runs, and total weekly miles. Since uphill is my weakpoint, I’m focusing my training on that, and especially on trails since they are more forgiving (thus more body sustainable) than running on the road. Rather than total miles, I’m focusing on time spent at high-effort running. That feels more right for my body, and if my PR Wednesday improvement over the past two months is any indication, the right thing for me to do too.

Now that I have Saturdays again, I will be running SFRC every Saturday morning that I’m in SF, doing my long runs on trails as well. I’ll eventually do at least one longish run (maybe 16-18 miles?) on road just to get used to doing so in the shoes I plan to wear for the race. Also planning to do at least a few track workouts to mix-in some speedwork.

For now I’m happy with the progress I’ve made, both in the past few months and the past few years running with @Nov_Project_SF., and for the increased body awareness from yoga teacher training^3 that has really helped me consciously keep track of how my body feels while running, and adjust breathing, posture, pace, stride, etc. accordingly.

As always, grateful to running/fitness/yoga friends, teachers, and communities (@Nov_Project @missioncliffs @YogaFlowSF) whose support has been essential to reinforcing regular sustainable physical practices.

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