a jpg. #NPSF PR Wednesday 31:35! 4:32 faster than March.
May #doublegang done.

Considering how much less running I’ve done over the past three months (spending far more hours per week doing (and practice teaching) heated Vinyasa yoga) I was pretty surprised by over 4.5 minutes of improvement in two months! That 31:35 #earlygang time is also my fastest PR Wednesday in 2017 by 3:01, as well as my 3rd all time fastest.

When I re-ran the PR Wednesday course at the 06:30 workout, I was only 10s slower: 31:45, now my 4th overall fastest PR Wednesday time.

This was the fifth Wednesday in a row that I have done both the 05:30 (sometimes a few min late) @Nov_Project_SF Wednesday workout, and the 06:25 workout, thus completing an entire month of double-ganging it.

My plan is to keep up with double-gang as part of my endurance training for the San Francisco Marathon in July.

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