Slept in, missed track Tuesday this morning. Made it to far fewer this year. My notes:
* 2017-103 +before: tantek.com/2017/103/t4/track-tuesday-only-did
* 2017-156 set 400m PR ~1:26
* 2017-255 did 400 abs 400
* 2017-269 did 400 800 1200 800 400 400 abs
* a few more Tuesdays I made it to the abs workout and ran a few laps afterwards

Not sure why it was harder for me to make it to track this year than last. Whatever the reasons, with these notes I’m letting them go.

I’ll start fresh again in 2018, keeping this post in mind: tantek.com/2017/066/t2/runner-tantek

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