TODAY: Donate, and renew arts & science memberships:
@ACLU 2x
@PPact 3x
@InternetArchive 3x
@CalAcademy 2x

Donate/renew NOW for 2017+2018 for 2-3x match & to #RESIST new #taxlaw! Why:

Why you must act TODAY (everyone)

Several of the above charitable organizations have matching donations that will increase your donation 2-3x IF you donate by end of day TODAY 2017-12-31 US Timezones.

See the 2x/3x next to the @-names for which organizations and how much.

Why you must act TODAY (US friends)

It’s the last day of 2017. By donating today, you MAY*** be able to itemize your donations and deduct them from your 2017 Federal taxes, BUT you may NOT be able to in 2018! See: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/12/22/business/taxbillroundup.html (many provisions to punish blue states as predicted***).

tl;dr (IANAA, talk to your accountant): In 2018 you can no longer itemize and deduct state income tax (per cited NYT article).

Thus if you usually itemize because your state income tax is more than the standard deduction, you will lose that, and by taking the standard deduction, you won’t be able to itemize & deduct any charitable donations in 2018. So make those donations today instead!

You can donate to all of these organizations online and get an email receipt in minutes (I confirmed this by donating/renewing all the above personally).

See each Twitter profile above for their site/donation URLs.

**Disclosure: I work for @Mozilla, on & with open web standards & communities @indiewebcamp @microformats @W3C @WHATWG supported by @Firefox to provide a more human-centric, private, and secure web for all users. #fightfortheuser

***You "MAY" meaning by way of an itemized deduction on your Federal taxes, per the following (talk to your accountant, get one, IANAA, etc.)
  * tantek.com/2016/365/t6/blue-state-taxpayers-more-donations-resist
  * tantek.com/2016/365/t5/calexit-start-cutting-fed-taxes-paid
  * tantek.com/2016/365/t4/if-fed-taxes-not-fund-then-minimizing

See last year’s post on this for more details:
* http://tantek.com/2016/366/t2/resist-by-donating-today

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