Made it to my destination safe and sound.

Figured out the next big thing I want to build for my site for the #newwwyear:

* POSSE issues^1 and replies to GitHub
as part of my #indieweb 2018 stretch goal of owning/POSSEing all* my public posts, specifically with non-trivial content (i.e. not counting likes^2, reacji^3 etc.).

Rather than posting directly to GitHub, I want to post any new issues (or comments on issues) on my site first, and then (ideally automatically) have those issues and comments be syndicated to the right repo or thread accordingly.

I don’t know how long it will take me to implement, but I want start doing it as soon as the next GitHub issue or comment I want to make, even manually if I have to, documenting what I learn along the way.

*I’m specifically postponing edits (like edits to POSSE copies, wiki pages, pull requests). I’m also postponing contributions to realtime chat (like IRC, Slack) and various commons^4 sites such as Wikipedia, wiki.mozilla.org, and the indieweb.org wiki, where they both show clear authorship, and their licenses do not prevent me in any way from using or backfilling that content to my own site eventually.

^1 https://indieweb.org/issue — the IndieWeb community has both thought about and built examples of how to post issues to your own site and syndicate them to GitHub. I’ll be using and contributing any improvements to that work.

^2 https://indieweb.org/like - though I’ve implemented like posts on my site (see that page for a lot of my design thinking), and have owned all my Twitter favorites for a while, more/better "likes" is not a priority for me in 2018.

^3 https://indieweb.org/reacji - similar to like, there is a lot more UX work to do to make the indieweb experience of posting reacji or reactions (https://indieweb.org/reaction) in general even close to as smooth as on silos. Or perhaps that’s more work than using those existing UIs with services like OwnYourGram to PESOS reactions to my site. Or good reaction UX may require first building an integrated reader (https://indieweb.org/reader) into my site.

^4 https://indieweb.org/commons

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