a jpg. a jpg. #fbf to #Track #Tuesday this week! My first this year.
Workout: warmup, 1600*, 6x800ish**
I did: warmup, 1600*, 2x800ish**, 2x400, abs

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First time in a long time that I made it to track just before 6am. So dark. I recruited pal & neighbor @micheleperras to run over together and I’m sure that helped!

800m warmup with coach Nick
*1600 with progressively faster laps with Amanda
**Then we were supposed to do six split 800s where somewhere in the middle we either walk or sprint to split up each 800 and then do a 300m cooldown after. We decided to run 400m, walk 100m, run 400m, then jog/walk 300m. Did one, had to take a break, did another. Then a couple of 400s until the photos and abs.

Last year: tantek.com/2017/360/t1/missed-track-tuesday-last-this-year

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