Back to #NPSF Double PR Wednesday! (since 2017-10)
34:51 #earlygang @ ~5:30
34:21 #normalgang @ ~6:30 (17s slower than Oct)

6hr+ sleep. Some coffee before going to Alta Plaza. Tough two sessions, felt good for day after track. No music.

2018-02: DNF. 1 lap then stopped because I felt horrible.
2018-01: N/A. Out of town for NPSF hell week PR Wednesday.
2017-12: DNF. http://tantek.com/2017/362/t1/npsf-pr-wednesday-interrupted
2017-11: 37:14 http://tantek.com/2017/333/t1/npsf-pr-slower-weeks-of-races
2017-10: 34:26 + 34:04 http://tantek.com/2017/298/t1/npsf-double-pr-wednesday-tied-last-month

Still a few minutes behind last May's 31:35, and my all time PR 30:08 in 2015. Need to keep showing up for NPSF double-gang.

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