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Have been watching this thread, and want to also encourage vocabulary re-use wherever possible, as it greatly helps sharing content and bridging across various heterogenous systems.

https://github.com/kevinmarks mentioned h-entry already, which builds on all the experience and expertise from RSS and Atom.

Similarly, consider https://microformats.org/wiki/h-card (based on the IETF vCard standard, and adapted for the web and JSON-friendly) for references and descriptions of people.

Most recently I saw the calendar-app event example in a previous comment, which could re-use https://microformats.org/wiki/h-event as well (similarly based on the IETF iCalendar standard). Happy to present an example using LZ syntax etc with h-calendar vocabulary if that would be helpful.

All of these vocabularies have been both implemented and successfully interoperably deployed peer-to-peer across numerous websites, publishing and parsing / consuming. (stats and examples available at indiemap.org)

Happy to help answer any questions about how these vocabularies are developed and how they’re community maintained, either here or chat.indieweb.org.

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