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going to Decentralized Web Meetup @InternetArchive tonight, looking forward to talking & sharing about #longevity #selfdogfooding #indieweb principles, demonstrating examples using my website, and inviting everyone to @IndieWebSummit!

Links and thoughts for discussion:
* Longevity https://twitter.com/internetarchive/status/741832908323708929
* Use what you make https://indieweb.org/
* Principles https://indieweb.org/principles supporting a plurality of projects
* Owning my data, federating to participate: tantek.com
* 2010+ every tweet, 2015+ photos & videos, 2017+ events
* 2018-02+ GitHub issues, comments, reactions
* indiemap.org
* https://2018.indieweb.org/ - inviting everyone here to IndieWeb Summit in two weeks
 - back to selfdogfooding, it’s an indie event that accepts federated RSVPs, and also accepts sign-ups via webform.

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