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Privacy Community Group charter should focus on incubation

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The Privacy Community Group charter in the Mission, Scope, and other sections, should explicitly mention incubation, and drop & avoid language which implies working-group-like standards development.

Instead, the Coordination should explicitly list where incubations are intended to graduate to, separately from groups expected to coordinate with as relevant.

Also the Process section should also describe exit conditions for an incubation, for how / whether a proposal should be abandoned/dropped from the group, or how a proposal should complete incubation and considerations for how to choose which Working Group it should graduate to.

Some specifics: in the Mission section up front it says “to develop privacy-focused web standards and APIs”. That should for example be changed to say incubate, e.g. “to incubate privacy-focused web standards and APIs”.

In issue #2, there is mention of “2. The deliverable phase, AKA specification.” This should be dropped from the CG charter, as when the incubation phase has completed for a proposal, the next step should be to transition it to a working group.

Label: charter.