Early evening overcast cloudy gray sky over buildings on either side of the red Dovebrücke bridge, green lawn on the left bank with a bare tree, a few bare trees on the right side, not much reflected in the canal below.Gray overcast sky, rectangular blue building with three rows of small square windows, on stilts above the shore of the canal, a giant pink pipe emerging from the side of the building, going underneath, and re-entering on the other side.Brightly orange and yellow colored houseboat docked to the shore of a canal.Giant yellow mallet thing leaned up against a tree.Blue building on stilts and a giant pink pipe in the background on the other side of a canal, partly hidden by a cluster of leafless trees in the foreground, a orange & yellow colored houseboat on this side of the canal, and what looks like a giant yellow plastic mallet leaning against a tree on the lower right.Overcast sky, stone bridge over a canal and a footpath, bright pink pipe going along the canal, next to the foot path, then up and over the foot path and into the nearby street up above.Overcast sky over a canal, leafless trees and buildings on both sides, grassy green angled shores of the canal, a few ducks swimming slowly forward towards the observer, leaving wakes in the water.🏙☁️🏃🏻‍♂️ Out & back 3.5 mile run along the #Landwehrkanal to the Dovebrücke(1) just before dark, after being cooped up indoors all day @Mozilla #Brrrlin All Hands.

I ran past where I had gone on Monday (https://tantek.com/t54o1) until the path ended and I had to cross a couple of bridges to resume another branch of the canal. After another bridge I noticed a quirky bold blue industrial building on tall stilts with a giant pink pipe(2) looping out, under, and back in, like a massive intestine resting on the opposite shore of the canal.

A brightly colored orange & yellow houseboat was docked on the near shore(3). A little up the shore was an object that looked like a giant bright yellow mallet from a video game(4). For a moment my years of practice with adventure problem solving video games kicked in.

I stood back(5) and briefly tried to assess if I needed to grab the mallet before hopping onto the houseboat to cross the canal, then use the mallet to bust into the pink pipe to enter the blue building on stilts where presumably there'd be a boss of some sort inside to defeat and/or someone to rescue.

Decided to skip that level and keep running. Ran under another bridge where I encountered another pink pipe(6), purpose unknown. There are various brightly colored (pink, purple, etc.) exposed pipes adjacent to public footpaths across Berlin. I have no idea if they’re functional, decorative, or both.

Checked the time at the next bridge, realizing I was beyond my temporal halfway point, ran up to take a photo looking down the canal the way I came(7) before running back at a quicker pace, without stopping for any more photos.

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