MOZILLA sign in bright lightbulbs on a wall.#MOZILLA in lights. The #Brrrlin All Hands was packed, half filled with pre-planned sessions & discussions, and half with spontaneous or late planned meetings. Plus video meetings with other folks back in California, late night our time.

Will take a while to go through my notes and summarize, a few highlights.

#Environment. We had nearly a day of environment related sessions. I am super excited about the progress made here since we did a last minute grass roots session at the last all hands.

The Museum of the Fossilized Internet.

State of the Internet Exhibit and all the thoughtful critique of the Surveillance Economy.

The Standards lunch and all the standards meetings in general.

Many people calling for a return to working more in the open, encouraging people to blog the things they’re working on, with progress and updates.

It’s been a great week and I’m looking forward to returning home.

#lights #afterParty #noFilter

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