February of 2020 month calendar built from LEGO bricks, on an off-white background.🗓 Home for February 1st, reflecting & anticipating in solitude. Deep breaths.

January went mostly as expected. Completed one phase of a #transformation, just enough to consider and plan the next. Peace & distance provided space for healing, restoring empathy, sensing & seeing more. Picked up my ultra training again, found it difficult to keep up while away in Berlin. Ended the month on a different higher note than expected.

The past month’s shedding continues, to new depths of self-disruption. Growth from recovery will shift to growth from discomforts. My last training cycle for my first 50 miler, I’m expecting physical & mental challenges like never before. Returning to regular yoga classes and restarting my yoga sutra philosophy studies. Healing and growing capacities. Writing and reflecting on building blocks for positive self-propagating changes.

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