Tantek and Bryan being backlit by the sun just rising above East Bay mountains, the bay far below, along with the Tiburon Peninsula, a tiny Bay Bridge and San Francisco skyline, and nearby bushes behind Tantek and Bryan.Tantek touching the door of the rock and wood structure at the top of Mount Tam East peak, rock steps just below him, their left edges tinged in orange from the sunrise.Dark blue to light blue gradient clear sky above a bright orange pre-dawn horizon backlighting the double peaked Mount Diablo and East Bay hills, city lights visible on both sides of the bay, a tiny Richmond bridge on the lower left, dark hills in the lower foreground.Clear blue to yellow and orange sky with the sun freshly rising with sunbeams in the middle, having just crested East Bay hills, the distant Mount Diablo a bit to the left, East Bay hill still in the dark, a tiny Richmond Bridge, the bay slowly lighting up from the sun, tiny Bay Bridge and San Francisco downtown skyline, Tiburon Peninsula and the nearby hills also still in the dark.
🌄 First 2020 #MountTam summit, yesterday with @BryanTing(1). Rough morning in a few ways, still got my 3rd fastest time to the door at the top(2). Stopped once to take a photo of the pre-dawn blue gradients and orange horizon(3), click thru the photo on my site for a mobile wallpaper version.

After that ritual touching of the door, I took a shot of the beautiful sunrise above East Bay hills(4). Moments earlier we knew the sun had crested when we saw the rocks we were climbing on the final scramble suddenly turn bright orange.

📷 @BryanTing photos 1 & 2.

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