Tantek in front of the telephone pole on top of Cardiac Hill, clear blue sky above him, and a low hanging clouds behind him, just a light haze over the Pacific Ocean, sparsely grassy hills with a few trees behind him.Clear blue sky above the green hills on either side of Tennessee Valley in Marin, where a bit of ocean is visible between them, as viewed downward from the Coastal Fire Road.Clear blue sky above the Marin Headlands and Pacific Ocean, looking south to Pirates Cove below, the rocky shore breaking up waves with white froth.Clear blue sky above Marin hills, the nearby hill with a series of clear switchbacks cut into it.Two California golden state poppies brightly lit by the sun, casting shadows on their plant, sparse other plants in the dirt in the background.Large cherry tree blossoming above a small buddha statue and water tap at its base.Blue sky with a few thin scattered clouds above Tennessee Valley and the green hills behind it, and in front of it as viewed from Coyote Ridge.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ Ran 26.4 miles yesterday, setting a trail marathon PR and completing my last long training run before #MUC50 #trail race on March 14th.

Beautiful day to start, clear views of Tennessee Valley and the ocean(2). Similarly at Pirates Cove(3), and #running up Heather Cut-off’s beautiful switchbacks(4).

I found a pair of #poppies that had opened brightly(5) on the trail up to Cardiac Hill. Quite warm out there in the open(1).

After an adventure running and hiking through a maze of Muir Woods trails (TCC, Bootjack, Ben Johnson, Deer Park Fire Road), I ran up Miwok down Dias Ridge to the Muir Beach turnaround and back into Green Gulch Farm, location of a zen center, and a water tap at the base of a blossoming tree(6).

After running up the Middle Green Gulch trail and up to the day’s last peak on Coyote Ridge, I could finally see Tennessee Valley down below, beckoning(7).

Ran down the last segment of Miwok to the parking lot, then a bit up Old Springs trail and back down to round out my trail marathon.
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