Red flowers, one of them up close, the others down the hillside out of focus, Marin Headlands in the distance.Cloudy skies over the Pacific Ocean, looking down on Rodeo Beach and lagoon, green hills on both sides of them.Rodeo Beach with large waves breaking, several surfers catching the waves and surfing.San Francisco in the distance all the way over to Sutro tower, the Golden Gate bridge below it, partially obscured by the green Marin Headlands, 101 Freeway winding its way around them, the bay opening up in the middle, with a nearby hill and cove behind it.New fern plant unfurling its spiral branches and leaves, Rodeo Valley in the distance, out of focus.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ 14.4 miles this #SundayRunday for 40+mi/9000' this weekend, and a peak 71+mi/13576' the past 7 days, which feels surreal.

It’s been hard determined work that also depended on encouragement and commitment from friends. Thanks to Erika for encouraging me on last Monday’s half marathon in Austin (after running with the Friday & Saturday before), then pal Hannah for the run (and 7+ miles) on Mt. Tam the day after (where Bryan led me up the Tuesday before!). Rested Wednesday (no NP, had to drive early), and thanks to Brooke for Thursday morning sunrise hill runs.

Last Friday morning I barely made it to @Nov_Project_SF at Yerba Buena, where the community (and a small breakfast after) gave me the energy to run home for another 6. On Saturday, despite starting solo, it was great seeing so many SFRC friends on the trails, and fellow Marin Ultra Challenge racers also practicing parts of the course.

That last run of the month finished up #February with 257km (160 miles) and 8965m (29584') climbed, besting previous monthly running totals in 2019 August of 216km distance and 2018 October 8932m climbing: https://tantek.com/t52L1.

Today’s "day 2" run on tired legs from yesterday’s marathon completed my 50 mile race training cycle. Now tapering for the next 12 days, with many fewer miles.

I started in the late morning, running up Old Springs to Wolf Ridge for a view of Rodeo Valley(2) before running down Coastal trail to the Rodeo Beach parking lot, practicing the last four miles of the #MUC50 race.

Turned around and ran right back up, stopped to admire the surfers(3), and kept going up Hill 88. Ran back down Wolf Ridge and Miwok trails to Rodeo Valley to practice the first four miles of the course. Ran up to SCA, caught the usual view(4), and a new fern(5) before continuing to Alta, then a bit of Bobcat where I stopped to snap a cluster of red flowers(1), before descending Marincello back down to the Tennessee Valley Parking Lot where I’d started.

Felt tired but good. Nothing hurt, just a little sore. 14+ miles done. Time to eat.

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