Time to begin again: restarting my #100Days of #IndieWeb project for 2024, as a #100Posts of IndieWeb project, and congrats to the IndieWeb community on a fully completed 2023 IndieWeb Gift Calendar!

Last year I completed 48 out of a planned 100 posts in my #100DaysOfIndieWeb project, for nearly 48 days (some days had multiple posts). Instead of resetting my goals accordingly, say down to 50, I’m going for 100 again, however, this time for 100 posts rather than 100 days, having learned that some days I find the time for multiple posts, and other days none at all.

Looking back to the start of last year’s 100 Days project, it’s been one year since I encouraged everyone to own their own notes¹. Since then many have started, restarted, or expanded their personal sites to do so. Some have switched from a #Twitter account to a #Mastodon (or other #fediverse) account as a stopgap for short-form status posts. A step in the right direction, yet also an opportunity to take the leap this year to fully own their identity and posts on the web.

In 2023 Twitter also broke all existing API clients (including my website). I did not feel it was worth my time to re-apply for an API key and rebuild/retest any necessary code for my semi-automatic #POSSE publishing, not knowing when they might break things again (since there was no rational reason for them to have broken things in the first place).

I manually POSSEd a few posts after that, yet from the lack of interactions, either Twitter’s feed algorithm² isn’t showing my posts, or people have largely left or stopped using Twitter.

Either way, when your friends stop seeing your posts on a silo, there’s no need to spend any time POSSEing to it.

On the positive side, the IndieWeb community really came together in 2023, shining brightly even through the darker days of December.

We, the IndieWeb community (and some beyond!) provided a gift (or often multiple) to the rest of community for every single day of December 2023³, the first time we successfully filled out the whole month since the 2018 IndieWeb Challenge, and only the second time ever in the seven years of the IndieWeb Challenge-turned-Gift-Calendar.

By going through the various gifts (more than 2 per day on average!), there are many interesting numbers and patterns we could surface. That deserves its own post however, as does a summary of the 48 posts of my 2023 100 Days of IndieWeb attempt, so I’ll end this post here.

Happy New Year to all, with an especially well deserved congratulations to the IndieWeb community and everyone who contributed to the 2023 Gift Calendar. Well done!

Let’s see what else we can create & share on our personal sites in 2024 and continue setting a higher bar for the independent web by showing instead of telling. #ShowDontTell

This is post 1 of #100PostsOfIndieWeb. #100Posts

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¹ https://tantek.com/2023/001/t1/own-your-notes
² https://indieweb.org/algorithmic_feed
³ https://indieweb.org/2023-12-indieweb-gift-calendar

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