Android Calendar snaps via @markng show red line for "now" (better than iCal http://ttk.me/t4B13 ). screenshots: http://grab.by/9Jg1 a png. and http://grab.by/9Jg7 a png. Obvious advantages over iCal's red dot indicator: 1) Android has a red line instead of grey line for "now", 2) in the "week" view, the red "now" line only appears on "today" rather than across every day of the week. UPDATE: see also @cwilso's screenshot of Google Calendar (gCal) week view which is similar to Android Calendar: http://twitpic.com/4ederx/full. UPDATE 2: see also @somnambulant Flickr photo of Outlook timeline marker: http://flic.kr/p/9u6Apa a png. Uses an orange glowing line (yellow highlights) in the hour labels column but apparently not across the display of the current day itself.

on (ttk.me t4B14) using BBEdit