1. soaked but smiling from #NPSF #hillsforbreakfast 3x Filbert Steps. #weatherproof. And PR has 25 not 50 burpees. Oops.

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  2. Rain, Sweat, and Tears: My 36:08 #NovemberProjectSF PR and what happened on the final lap

    36:08 was my @Nov_Project_SF PR Wednesday time this morning. What made the difference was what happened on my finishing lap.

    Background: the November Project is a weekly free fitness workout. Movement. It's life-changing and deserves it's own post. Several. In SF we meet every Wednesday morning, 6:30am in the middle of Alamo Square.

    Every last Wednesday of the month is "PR Wednesday" where instead of the regular novel partner/team exercises, we all do the set "PR" routine. As fast as possible.

    1. Start in the middle of Alamo Square.
    2. Run out to Hayes, turn left and do a lap around the park, and run back to the middle
    3. Run to the SW corner and back
    4. 50 pushups
    5. Run to the NW corner and back
    6. 50 sit-ups
    7. Run to the NE corner and back
    8. 50 sergeant lunges (25 each side)
    9. Run to the SE corner and back
    10. 50 burpees
    11. Run out to Hayes, turn right and do a lap around the park, and run back to the middle.

    I did a 10km+ training run yesterday (for the Rock'N'Roll half on 2014-04-06) and so I admit I felt like I was dragging today. No excuse, I pushed on and did all counts of all exercises.

    By the end of the burpees I was done. Or at least it looked like everyone else was done and I was the last one remaining. I didn't care, I was going to finish even if I had to walk the final lap.

    I took off running towards the Hayes side of the park and what happened next was completely unexpected and I'm still having trouble not getting emotional about it.

    What happened: about a half dozen of those that had already finished spontaneously left their spots in the finisher tunnel and paced me. People that I've met informally several times and yet here they were, running an extra lap just to show support.

    When I sped up they sped up. When I slowed down they slowed down. They kept encouraging me the whole way. Did I mention I could barely see through rain and sweat fogged glasses? I pushed on as fast as I could go without tripping and falling, without losing my breath, and finished.

    I cannot express in words how this has made me feel the rest of the day. I can't remember the last time I felt that kind of support and camaraderie.

    The founders of @Nov_Project and @Nov_Project_SF have created something incredibly special and I feel lucky to have found it and be a part of it.

    It's free and open to the public. As they say: #justshowup

    And look out, next month I plan on beating that PR time.

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  3. going to (actually already at and setting up for) Homebrew Website Club meetup tonight @MozSF: http://werd.io/2014/homebrew-website-club-meeting-1

    2014-057 18:32 http://werd.io/2014/homebrew-website-club-meeting-1 using BBEdit.
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  4. #HouseOfCards s2e1 was good. But the best thing yesterday was getting to try a Boosted electric skateboard: http://boostedboards.com/ Amazing. Handheld trigger remote control via Bluetooth. Forward and reverse. And I only tried it in "turtle" mode. In "rabbit" mode it can apparently do 20 miles an hour. Up hill. Jetsons-like motor sound included. Forget about Segway, Boosted's electric skateboard feels like an object from the future dropped into the present, more in the realm of Marty's hoverboard (Back To The Future II & III) and Y.T.'s Smartwheels skateboard (Snow Crash).

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  5. Two wonderful talks on #privacy #ownyourdata #indieweb by @caseorganic: youtu.be/Au4bHb5twF4 vimeo.com/86329113

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  6. and to avoid * meta blogchalk - data rot * meta ICBM (AKA GeoURL) - bad data (swap errors) * company wikis - rot & die

    2014-042 23:42 in reply to: http://tantek.com/2014/042/t3/learned-made-irc-wiki-works-hentry-hreview https://twitter.com/t/status/433505376060067840 using BBEdit.
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  7. mentioned, since learned/made * IRC+wiki works * syndication: hentry * recommendation: hreview * markup for time: <time> element

    2014-042 23:38 in reply to: http://tantek.com/2014/042/t2/ten-years-ago-introduced-microformats-etech https://twitter.com/t/status/433494367601717248 using BBEdit.
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  8. Ten years ago to the hour, @KevinMarks and I introduced #microformats at an #ETech BoF session: tantek.com/presentations/2004etech/realworldsemanticspres.html

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  9. In principle I support thedaywefightback.org, yet not sure how Congress can #stopthensa when the 4th Amendment didn't

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  10. going to Homebrew Website Club meetup. Indie RSVP to werd.io/2014/homebrew-website-club-meeting or silo RSVP on FB: fb.com/events/512367802216703/

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  11. Sign-up page is up for the next week's Homebrew Website Club meetup @MozSF & @ESRIPDX: indiewebcamp.com/events/2014-02-12-homebrew-website-club

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  12. Finished my #first #halfmarathon #KPSF 2:22. Rain, cold, wind, pain. 63 days til #RnRSF. #afterthegameisbeforethegame

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  13. It's raining. Well, this should be interesting. #kpsf #halfmarathon

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  14. night before #kpsf, too excited to sleep. good luck runners! thanks #novemberproject remember #bostonstrong #megsmiles

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  15. That was a pretty good January. How's your 2014 so far? Let's rock February, shall we?

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  16. @benwerd has offered handmade art with a twist: write an #indieweb reply (like this) & send a webmention. I want one!

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  17. much #IndieWeb Bridgy & #IndieAuth progress! Come to 6:30pm Homebrew Website Club in SF & Portland TONIGHT: http://indiewebcamp.com/events/2014-01-29-homebrew-website-club SF RSVP URLs: * werd.io/2014/homebrew-website-club * fb.com/events/200590280142030/ Portland RSVP URLs: * aaronparecki.com/events/2014/01/29/1/homebrew-website-club * fb.com/events/1453049941575679/

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  18. Google search "state of the union" shows Nixon image over an hour #SOTU: instagram.com/p/jvVgZVA9Wo/ http://distilleryimage7.ak.instagram.com/92db2b46889e11e3b08c0ea9da6dba5b_8.jpg I clicked on the image of Nixon and it goes to the CNN article linked from the text: cnn.com/2014/01/28/politics/2014-state-of-the-union/ No Nixon image on the page. I tried View Source and no sign of invisible metadata Nixon either (which was my first suspicion). So where is it coming from? Perhaps Google got the image from some proprietary Google News bizdev relationship feed from CNN, i.e. even more distant/disconnected/invisible metadata that's not to be trusted. Bing search screenshot for comparison: instagram.com/p/jvWgfgg9Xg/ http://distilleryimage2.ak.instagram.com/03f34cd688a011e3a7950e1d51678712_8.jpg Same results on desktop as mobile. Same results on FirefoxOS, Android, and Windows Mobile (I'm at the @CSSWG dinner in Seattle and we have plenty of devices/platforms/browsers among us). It appears to be fixed (on Google) for some folks now (over an hour after the initial screenshot), but you might be able to still see the error if you act quickly. Go to Google.com and search for "state of the union". Do you see Nixon?

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  19. last weekend: Fri #hillsforbreakfast, #NTCweek nt run; Sat yoga, bouldering; Sun practice run now: @W3C @CSSWG meeting

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  20. going to @benwerd's Introduction to the IndieWeb talk late werd.io/2014/introduction-to-the-indieweb had another event before.

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  21. Took a proper holiday yesterday. No phone calls. No email (nor reading of). Lots of walks, sun, and time with friends.

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  22. Two weeks til my first half marathon race (Kaiser). Going for a practice run along the course: xnet.kp.org/sanfrancisco/docs/KPSFH_CourseMap.pdf

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  23. going out for a quick #run in honor of Meg Cross Menzies. https://www.facebook.com/events/489458451159627 #megsmiles #runner

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  24. my first #NovemberProjectSF #hillsforbreakfast: up+down Church st. from 18th-21st: november-project.com/dance-off-pants-off-in-sf/ Finished 4 up/down laps in 25ish minutes, just barely last of those doing so. But it felt great and I was happy to be able to hang with this pack (even if just barely). What felt totally beyond my reach now feels almost in reach. I'll be back for more. https://scontent-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t1/1506504_393064864163346_1487198114_n.jpg

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  25. nice Google+Nest article: wired.com/opinion/2014/01/google-didnt-just-acquire-nest-annexed-whole-new-territory/ Except: there is no "Internet of Things", only silos of things. #iot

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  26. Reminder: Homebrew Website Club meetup TONIGHT 18:30 @MozSF @ESRIPDX indiewebcamp.com/events/2014-01-15-homebrew-website-club and snarfed.org/2014-01-15_homebrew-website-club-tonight

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  27. Trust But Verify: @BrendanEich on verifying open source & builds: brendaneich.com/2014/01/trust-but-verify/ Also: wired.com/wiredenterprise/2014/01/mozilla/

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  28. @rohit_x_ @rabble here's a recent post about how to go #nophone tantek.com/2014/006/t2/ipod-wifi-mifi-works-iamnotanumber-nophone-future Good luck with your experiment!

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  29. @jkphl @adactio's permalinks have rel=author to /about/myself which has h-card with u-url & rel=me per authorship 3.3.

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  30. @adactio @jkphl no inferred p-author. Even better, there's the page authorship building block: indiewebcamp.com/authorship

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  32. while discussing with @ravejk Manhattan vs SOMA blocks (latter longer), I found http://stuffnobodycaresabout.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/1892-World-Almanac-NYC-distance-between-streets0437.jpg on http://stuffnobodycaresabout.com/2012/11/19/all-new-york-city-streets-are-not-created-equal/ from the 1892 edition of The World Almanac. Would love to see this transcribed and published as HTML. Who's up for it?

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  33. spent a lot of this weekend reflecting on a year since losing #aaronsw. still collecting thoughts. let's keep talking.

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  34. ran #RnRSF 5k fun run non-stop. feeling ready. signed up for my first 2 half marathons: #RnRSF, and Kaiser in 22 days.

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  35. #RnRSF half marathon course announcement party & 5k run Sat. 9am: fb.com/events/744916795537796 Who's in? cc: @Nov_Project_SF

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  36. First Homebrew Website Club meetup this year is in one week 2014-015 18:30 both @MozSF @EsriPDX indiewebcamp.com/events/2014-01-15-homebrew-website-club

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  37. skipped my run yesterday, feeling it today. #running is the best way I've found to clear your head, heart, maximize the rest of the day.

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  38. @kidhack iPod Touch 5 has good chip speed, front/back cams, mic, motion(eg Nike+). Crossed a threshold. Touch ID? Meh.

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  39. 2014: left phone at home every day. iPod+wifi/mifi works. delete x-5278 #. #iamnotanumber #nophone #future Exception: I may start bringing my #FireFoxOS test phone with me for dogfooding, but I'm still not going to share or use the number. How to go #nophone summary: Text Messages: * iMessage * Facebook Messenger * Google+ Hangouts * AIM * Twitter DM Audio/Video calls: * FaceTime * Skype Calling the old world (government or businesses like restaurants, doctors) * G+ Hangouts, phone icon, free outbound US phone calls, no Google Voice needed. Filling in dumb web forms that require a phone number: * +1.800.555.1212 (or pick a geo-specific area code)

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  40. @ericnakagawa more validators welcome! Check out: microformats.org/wiki/validators Especially: indiewebify.me/validate-h-entry #indieweb

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  41. Nice potluck brunch. Warm park day. Random kindness of strangers at the grocery store. Today was a good day.

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  42. 2013 #indieweb pieces: IndieAuth comments webmention events Bridgy; 2014 together invincible. ♫ vimeo.com/40111334

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  43. @snarfed_org thanks & great post. Pruning+batching is good advice. Blogged re pruning ~10y ago: tantek.com/log/2003/04.html#L20030421t1700

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  44. In the land of the distracted, the singularly focused person is king.

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  45. First Thursday = another month of classes start tonight @920Special. Come #swingdance at 21:20 at 2460 Sutter & Divis.

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  46. 2014 work day 1: not even close to catching up on email backlog. Need to handle ever fewer emails ever more tersely.

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  47. @chloeweil a-ha you do have replies! Awesome! Next may I suggest reply-contexts and webmention indiewebcamp.com/reply-context

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  48. @chloeweil well deserved! Long way since @indiewebcamp 2011. For 2014 add @-replies to your site like this permalink to this post demonstrates. See also: indiewebcamp.com/reply

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  49. & #indiewebcamp veterans: Post notes on your site instead of or before Twitter. Like @chloeweil chloeweil.com/blog/hipster

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  50. Easy #indieweb 2014 resolution: Post more on your site than Twitter, FB, etc. Like @neilhimself journal.neilgaiman.com/2013/12/where-did-i-go-out-what-did-i-do.html

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  51. good 2014 start * #NPSF workout despite 13.1mi yesterday * brunches with awesome people * insightful dinner discussion

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  52. ...starting with a bug fix to a @Falcon storage edge case. First post of the year late POSSE. Back to normal.

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  53. 2014 This is the year we change things. #vulnerabilities #respect #indieweb Game on.

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