1. going to Homebrew Website Club 18:30 @MozSF. Join us! Indie event: werd.io/2014/homebrew-website-club-july-2-2014 silo: fb.com/events/692413424139132

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  2. Thanks @mrflix for figuring out CSS for an #indieweb People Focused Mobile Communication! Screenshot & source: indiewebcamp.com/images/e/ec/2014-180-mobile-comm-css-demo.jpg compare that to the mockup: indiewebcamp.com/images/6/66/mobile-personal-home-contact-ios7.jpg and it looks quite good! Well done Felix! Demo page: mrflix.github.io/indieweb-contact/ Source: github.com/mrflix/indieweb-contact Previously: tantek.com/2014/120/b1/markup-people-focused-mobile-communication

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  3. Want: a #Predator-like browser extension to hotkey toggle #a11y vision modes. Sound optional: http://youtu.be/FtGjz1AyUGc?t=34s

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  4. IndieWebCamp 2014 — Thoughts Before The Gathering

    IndieWebCamp 2014 is upon us. Gatherings of creators are under way in Berlin, New York, and Portland - the first time we've held our annual IndieWebCamp across three simultaneous locations. Here are some thoughts I had before we started today in New York City.

    There have been so many IndieWeb developments & advancements in the past few months it's been hard to keep track! Here are a few:

    • micropub: a standard API to create and update posts on indieweb sites. Nothing short of a simpler and more secure (using IndieAuth) replacement for: AtomPub, the metaweblog API, and perhaps even WebDAV. Nevermind snowflake APIs.
    • fragmentions - a standard way to make URLs that refer to a selection of text on a page.
    • marginalia - an indieweb approach to paragraph-level comments (what some might call annotations) anchored by text selections (using fragmentions of course). Kartik Prabhu has an amazing experiment in progress that shows Medium-like paragraph commenting functionality, except on an indieweb site, with comments from other indiewebsites via webmention. Kartik is here in New York City.
    • Known — What was "idno" is now known as Known. Known is an indieweb site solution that has achieved a quite high IndieMark score and is being actively developed for people to install themselves on their own servers. The Known team is in Portland for the weekend.

    In addition, I've had so many indieweb related topics come up personally that I haven't had time to blog about them all. Here are a few:

    I did manage to at least finish that "how to do an IndieWeb Introductions" write-up and used it this morning at IndieWebCamp 2014 in New York City! From what I can tell, the Portland folks have used it as well. Hopefully this will help make it easier for others to start and run future IndieWebCamps in more cities.

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  5. made it to JFK and en route to Manhattan for pre #IndieWebCamp gatherings! blogging some thoughts on the ride over.

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  6. #IndieWeb talks this week so-far: #osb14: @aaronpk #IndieAuth @caseorganic Silo Labyrinths #io14: @kevinmarks Ignite

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  7. Yester: 30:54 #NPSF oldspot PR Wed. Cut 1:12 from May. then new PR Wed: 10x @ Alta Plaza. prev: tantek.com/2014/148/t1/npsf-pr-cut-minute

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  8. #PDF14 talk "Why We Need the #IndieWeb" 13 minute video posted: youtu.be/HNmKO7Gr4TE slides: tantek.com/presentations/2014/06/indieweb/

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  9. #IndieWebCamp 2014 next weekend PDX NYC & now BERLIN thanks to 2011 camper @brennannovak! RSVP: indiewebcamp.com/2014/Guest_List#Farther_East

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  10. @madradavid nice #indieweb site: madradavid.com looking forward to seeing what you build this weekend!

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  11. @KevinMarks @Case it takes a village to grow an ecosystem. A village of independents to create an #indieweb ecosystem.

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  12. microformats.org turns 9 — upgrade to microformats2 and more

    microformats logo Nine years ago we launched microformats.org with a basic premise: that it is possible to express meaning on the web in HTML in a simple way—far simpler than the complex alternatives (XML) being promoted by mature companies and standards organizations alike.

    Today microformats.org continues to be a gathering place for those seeking simpler ways to express meaning in web pages, most recently the growing IndieWeb movement.

    Looking back nine years ago, none of the other alternatives promoted in the 2000s (even by big companies like Google and Yahoo) survive to this day in any meaningful way:

    From this experience, we conclude that what large companies support (or claim to prefer) is often a trailing indicator (at best).

    Large companies tend to promote more complex solutions, perhaps because they can afford the staff, time, and other resources to develop and support complex solutions. Such approaches fundamentally lack empathy for independent developers and designers, who don't have time to keep up with all the complexity.

    If there's one value that's at the heart of microformats' focus and continued evolution of simplicity, it is that empathy for independent developers and designers, for small consulting shops, for curious hobbyists who are most enabled and empowered by the simplest possible solutions to problems.

    We now know that no amount of large company marketing and evangelism can make up for a focus on ever simpler solutions which take less time to learn, use, and reliably maintain. As long as we focus on that, we will create better solutions.

    Community Changes

    Speaking of taking less time, we've learned some community lessons about that too. Perhaps the most important is that as a community we are far more efficiently productive using just IRC and the wiki, than any amount of use of email. In fact, the microformats drafts that were developed wtih the most email (e.g. hAudio) turned out to be the hardest to follow and discuss (too many long emails), and sadly ended up lacking the simplicity that real world publishers wanted (e.g. last.fm).

    Email tends to bias design and discussions towards those who have more time to read and write long emails, and (apparently) enjoy that for its own sake, than those who want to quickly research & brainstorm, and get to actually creating, building, and deploying things with microformats.

    Thus we're making these changes effective today:

    • IRC for all microformats discussions, whether research, questions, or brainstorming
    • email only for occasional announcements and to direct people to IRC.
    • wiki for capturing questions, brainstorming, conclusions, and different points of view

    We're going to update the site to direct all discussion (e.g links) to the IRC channel accordingly.

    Hope to see you there: #microformats on irc.freenode.net

    Upgrading to microformats2

    Over the past few years microformats2 has proven itself in practice, with numerous sites both publishing and consuming, several open source parsing libraries, and a growing test suite. All the lessons learned from the evolution from original microformats, from RDFa, and from microdata have been incorporated into microformats2 which is now the simplest to both publish and parse.

    It's time to throw the switch and upgrade everything to microformats2. This means three things:

    Upgrading microformats.org

    First, we're starting by upgrading the links on the microformats.org home page to point to the microformats2 drafts, which are ready for use.

    We'll be incrementally upgrading the markup of the microformats.org site itself to use microformats2 markup.

    Upgrade sites

    Second, if you publish any kind of semantic information, start upgrading your web pages to microformats2 across the board.

    If you're concerned about what search engines claim to support, there are two approaches to choose from:

    1. Know that search engines are a trailing indicator, and as microformats2 usage grows, they'll index it as well.
    2. Or: Use one classic microformat (supported by all major search engines) at top of your page, e.g. on the <body>, in addition to your microformats2 markup throughout your pages. Search engines only really care to summarize the primary topic or purpose of a web page in their "rich snippets" or "cards", and thus that's sufficient.

    Check out the latest validators which now include some microformats2 support as well!

    Upgrade tools

    Third, this is a call to upgrade all microformats supporting tools to microformats2. As nearly all of these are open source, this is an open call for contributions, updates, patches, etc. for:

    If it generates microformats, upgrade it to instead generate microformats2.

    If it consumes microformats, upgrade it to also consume microformats2 (which may be most easily done by making use of one of the microformats2 parsers that has backward compatible parsing built in).

    10th Year Goal

    As we enter the tenth year of microformats.org let's make it our collective goal to upgrade our pages, our sites, and our tools to microformats2.

    Our goal is to complete all the above upgrades by microformats.org's tenth birthday, if not sooner. Let's get to work.

    Thanks to Barnaby Walters and fellow microformats admins Kevin Marks & Ted O'Connor for reviewing drafts of this post. Thanks to Kevin especially for some copy edits!

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  13. "The web idealists have a point: content can't truly blossom in walled gardens" http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/russell_davies/article/1298102/the-web-idealists-point-content-cant-truly-blossom-walled-gardens/ RSVP: @IndieWebCamp in two weeks! Sign-up for East (NYC) or West (PDX) http://indiewebcamp.com/2014/Guest_List

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  14. People ask me what's #NovemberProject and why is it called that. Founders give answers & more: www.northeastern.edu/news/2013/01/november-project/

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  15. @valuedstandards what Google favs is trailing indicator * Google Base * Google Data * gData XML microformats.org/2012/06/25/microformats-org-at-7#challenges

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  16. @valuedstandards cut from HTML5 lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2010Jan/0218.html none cared to edit, thus HTML WG dropped lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-admin/2013Oct/0018.html

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  17. @valuedstandards thanks very much. Am in a @W3CAB meeting as we tweet discussing similar difficult issues. Long week.

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  18. @valuedstandards why bother with more difficulty for no benefit? Also, W3C abandonded microdata. Dumped it from HTML5.

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  19. @valuedstandards microformats2 simpler & sufficient. True >2 years tantek.com/2011/248/t7/web-designers-classes-semantics-for-years @jensscherbl deleted tweets.

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  20. @JosephRooks Etherpad site+content was destroyed by Google tantek.com/2010/137/t2/shut-down-removed-content-etherpad-ownyourdata opensourced, Mozilla set up another.

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  21. Last year: * setup @W3CAB Twitter & wiki www.w3.org/wiki/AB Today's meeting: * realtime collaboration via Etherpad

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  22. Good day: * First #NovemberProject at Harvard Stadium. Can't wait to return. * @W3CAB meeting with frank discussions.

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  23. Presented @W3C AC meeting on how @IndieWebCamp develops/implements specs (e.g. Webmention) WITHOUT email, exclusively using: * IRC - indiewebcamp.com/discuss * wiki - indiewebcamp.com * some Github And in-person meetings additionally use: * Etherpad (e.g. etherpad.mozilla.org) for real-time notes * Talky.io for remote participation, with a good HD webcam with stereo microphone (noise-cancelling).

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  24. Led discussion of Trademark & Document Licensing @W3C AC mtg w fellow @W3CAB member @mc2hampion w3.org/wiki/AB/trademark-license

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  25. @timbray better: set up tweet posting @pmarca's site. You know, for persistent #indieweb links. Like this somewhat longer than 140 characters reply to your tweet.

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  26. Boston friends, @W3C folks, join me @Nov_Project tomorrow: 6:25am Memorial dr & Mass ave bridge goo.gl/maps/OjpWo

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  27. I'm @W3C's AC / @W3CAB meetings this week and just saw this hilarious 90 sec W3DevCampus short: youtu.be/XgyKbjOGCYA

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  28. #PDF14: Thanks for all the kind words about the #IndieWeb talk. Appreciated. I'll @-reply questions etc. tomorrow.

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  29. Excited to speak today at Personal Democracy Forum on the #IndieWeb. Live stream now: personaldemocracy.com/conferences/nyc/2014 #pdf14

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  30. NYC last-minute plan by @j & me: Homebrew Website Club meetup NYC TONIGHT 20:30 Ace Hotel Lobby indiewebcamp.com/events/2014-06-04-homebrew-website-club

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  31. #npsf #trackattack: 400 800 1200 1600 1200 800 400 I did: 400 800 1200 800 800 800 400 Prev: tantek.com/2014/147/t1/tough-npsf-trackattack

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  32. Congrats @adactio on implementing #indieweb notes! adactio.com/journal/6826 Who's next? indiewebcamp.com/note#IndieWeb_Examples

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  33. 32:06 #NPSF PR Wednesday. Cut 1 minute from last time in March: tantek.com/2014/085/t1/npsf-pr-rain-weatherproof #NovemberProject

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  34. Tough #npsf #trackattack: 3x(1600+stadiumstairs). Did 1600 stairs 1200 stairs 800. Previously: tantek.com/2014/140/t1/almost-full-nspf-trackattack-workout

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  35. setup self-signed SSL certificate on my site, verified in Firefox, using it for site admin per https://indiewebcamp.com/https#Level_2_security

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  36. @JohnHogoboom thanks. Please contact @j @x directly as they have regained control of their Twitter profiles.

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  37. @foltzwerk attacker created @ATT Messages account (on website), added @j's phone# to it, was able to view SMS/texts.

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  38. > @MozSF 17:30 Quiet Writing(blogging @ATT exploit) 18:30 Homebrew Website Club Meetup Join us! indiewebcamp.com/events/2014-05-21-homebrew-website-club

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  39. @harryh exploit allows other(s) to read @ATT mobile SMS/texts. Thus REMOVE AT&T numbers from recovery/TFA settings in: * Facebook * Github * Gmail * financial institution profiles This is not a hypothetical. Attack in progress.

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  40. Twitter @Safety vulnerability! If cell service @ATT, REMOVE phone# in profile @x @j compromised http://indiewebcamp.com/File:2014-05-21-twitter-j-compromised.png

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  41. did almost a full #npsf #trackattack workout! 2x400 stadium stairs 3x800 stadium stairs 2x400 one 800 shy. complete workout this morning had 4x800 in the middle. Thanks Missy & Natalie! Together we pushed each other really well. Just last week was the first time I'd been able to do even half an NPSF track workout: tantek.com/2014/133/t1/more-than-half-nspf-trackattack

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  42. going to Homebrew Website Club, 2014-05-21 18:30 @MozSF. indieweb: werd.io/2014/homebrew-website-club-5 silo: fb.com/events/1509367239285562/

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  43. ran #baytobreakers in 1:14:57! 16min+ faster than last year! #b2b #b2b103 #running. Previously: tantek.com/2013/139/t2/fastwalked-ran-baytobreakers-faster-than-last

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  44. My pal and #NovemberProjectSF runner Rebecca Daniels was interviewed by ABC7News for #b2b103! http://abc7news.com/sports/officials-focus-on-safety-at-bay-to-breakers-race/64333/

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  45. @sil a-ha. Nice side-effect of "just" using HTTP, simple HTML form (no JS) can send webmentions tantek.com/2013/258/t2/web-protocols-should-use-http-params-no-xml

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  46. @sil, @adactio's "Let me know the URL:" form just HTTP POSTs a webmention. His wm endpoint fetches content & posts it.

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  47. Biggest #DRM Q to @Mozilla & other browser folks: How do we fight DRM while shipping support for it? Is it hypocrisy?

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  48. Darn. Do I have to blog about #DRM? See: * https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2014/05/14/drm-and-the-challenge-of-serving-users/ * https://hacks.mozilla.org/2014/05/reconciling-mozillas-mission-and-w3c-eme/ * theguardian.com/technology/2014/may/14/firefox-closed-source-drm-video-browser-cory-doctorow

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  49. > @sciencehackday moved from .com to sciencehackday.org! Updated my links (as the #indieweb can). You should too!

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  50. Did 2x800, stadium stairs, 800, 400, & stadium stairs lap. First time more than half an #npsf #trackattack workout. Today's full workout was: * 2x800, stadium stairs, 2x800, stadium stairs, 2x800 Look at these fierce starters: http://instagram.com/p/n8NpZlg9QJ/ http://photos-a.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-prn/10358279_234439130079464_647660674_n.jpg Missy captured the path we took: http://instagram.com/p/n8QkeMldF-/# photos-c.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-ash/10354467_776187112414770_734194172_n.jpg Thanks to running buddies Natalie, Missy, Lindsay, and Tammy for being just that much faster that I kept pushing harder to stay in their pack. And Natalie in particular for pushing us all to do that last stadium stairs lap. Four weeks ago I first ran a few #trackattack sprints. Six weeks before that I started showing up. Going to keep incrementally pushing and one day I will do a whole #trackattack workout. Previously: * tantek.com/2014/105/t2/kept-up-warmup-laps-ran-trackattack-levelingup * tantek.com/2014/064/t2/yesterday-npsf-track-kezar-trackattack

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  51. speaking on #indieweb at Personal Democracy Forum #pdf14 NYC 2014-06-05! personaldemocracy.com/product/personal-democracy-forum-2014-registration Code: SPEAKER3DE7CE1F

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  52. Great launches this week @BenWerd @ErinJo @Johannes_Ernst! Your work has leveled up #indieweb #ownyourdata momentum.

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  53. Congrats! hello.idno.co to withknown.com & indieboxproject.org's indiegogo.com/projects/indie-box-let-s-bring-our-data-home #indieweb

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  54. Excited for upcoming.org's return! @waxpancake won't resell it. Let's figure out #indieweb community sites.

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  55. going to Homebrew Website Club, 2014-05-07 18:30 @MozSF. indieweb: werd.io/2014/homebrew-website-club-4 silo: fb.com/events/1430990723825351/

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