User flow and permalinks from @dissolve33 @aaronpk @kevinmarks @kylewmahan’s #IndieWeb #SWAT0 achievement: http://tantek.com/2015/193/t1/congratulations-first-indieweb-swat0

Players A, B, C as summarized on tantek.com/2015/029/t1/swat0-posts-tags-mobile-photo-comment:

Player A: Ben Roberts (ben.thatmustbe.me)
Player B: Aaron Parecki (aaronparecki.com)
Player C1: Kevin Marks (known.kevinmarks.com using reader.kylewm.com)
Player C2: Kyle Mahan (kylewm.com using reader.kylewm.com)

Following the same steps as documented at: https://indiewebcamp.com/SWAT0#Brainstorming

I’ve added (parenthetical) remarks for additional informative details, and [bracketed] comments for aspects that may be different than expected.

1. With his phone, ben.thatmustbe.me (in Boston) takes a photo of aaronparecki.com (in Portland) [on a live broadcast], tags him in the photo, and posts it to his site:

Photo permalink on:
* https://ben.thatmustbe.me/photo/2015/7/12/9/
a photo.

2. aaronparecki.com gets a notification [on his phone!] that he’s been tagged in a photo.

Screenshot from Aaron Parecki’s phone:
a photo.

3. known.kevinmarks.com [and kylewm.com] (both of whom are in the San Francisco Bay Area) who are subscribed to ben.thatmustbe.me [on the reading service reader.kylewm.com], sees the photo in his reader UI

https://reader.kylewm.com/ as shown in this Chrome/iOS screenshot:
a photo.

4. known.kevinmarks.com [and kylewm.com] posts a reply to the photo from this UI, the reply is posted to his site.

Comment permalinks on:
* http://known.kevinmarks.com/2015/aaron-is-now-demoing-swat0-replies
* https://kylewm.com/2015/07/much-better-photo-very-handsome-not-so-sleepy

5. aaronparecki.com and ben.thatmustbe.me receive notifications that known.kevinmarks.com [and kylewm.com] has commented on the photo.

Screenshot from Aaron Parecki’s phone:
a photo.
Screenshot from Ben Roberts’s computer receiving notification via Chrome:
a png.
When he clicks that it loads his notifications page: https://ben.thatmustbe.me/activity which shows more information:
a png.
including receiving comments on his photo in the same minute from both Kevin Marks and Kyle Mahan.

Requirements from SWAT0 description:

* users are on at least 2 (ideally 3) different services
 A. ben.thatmustbe.me
 B. aaronparecki.com
 C. reader.kylewm.com + known.kevinmarks.com [+ kylewm.com]

* each of which is built with a different code base
 A. Mobilepub + Postly
  * https://github.com/dissolve/mobilepub
  * https://github.com/dissolve/postly
 B. P3K + Prowl
  * http://indiewebcamp.com/p3k
  * http://prowlapp.com/
 C. Woodwind + Known [+ Red Wind]
  * https://github.com/kylewm/woodwind
  * https://withknown.com/
  * https://github.com/kylewm/redwind
This demo was also all recorded on live video as well during today’s IndieWebCamp 2015 Portland demos. Video link to follow.

Update 2015-07-14: Video: https://aaronparecki.com/notes/2015/07/14/1/swat0

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