Finished #SFMarathon 2nd half in 2:12:59, >5.5min PR! 3rd half with dad. Thanks Rebecca for pacing, #NPSF cheergang for a big mile 12 boost. They were like an acceleration tunnel that drew me in and shot me out like a rocket.

I ran the whole thing until mile 12 at a 4 minute run / 1 minute walk pace, except for a few downhills where I ran longer, and water stations where I walked sooner.

a photo.
The last mile plus I walked only once and ran as fast as I could when I saw the finish, just barely breaking 2:13.

My average pace was a 10:09 min/mile. Nearly the same speed as the 10:05 min/mile I did at last year’s Bay to Breakers, but for almost twice the distance.

The past two months of focused training since my disappointing 2015 Bay to Breakers paid off. I’m back, and I know what to do to keep improving.

Afterwards I found my dad at the finishers area, we collected our Challenge Medals (California Dreamin' for completing both the Huntington Beach SurfCity Half and an SF Marathon Half), and went out to a celebratory brunch with fellow runners including a couple of @Nov_Project_LAX friends.

Sunday was a good day.

a photo.
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